What our Customers say...


A big thank you to Cole Brown and his team at SERVPRO [of Lee County]. Following a water loss at my home, Cole and his team responded immediately to assess the damage. Within minutes they were busy removing water, drying carpet. and removing flooring that couldn't be saved. They were extremely courteous and kept us fully informed throughout the process. I couldn't ask for better service. Thank you SERVPRO!!!

Excellent service.

We couldn't have asked for better service. Thank you!

I have been extremely pleased with the process. Shaun and her team did an amazing job!

Great service!

Great workers!

All very professional. The crew was awesome and did an outstanding job. 

I was pleased with the services I received. My washing machine flooded and you can imagine my frustration but SERVPRO took care of everything. I will recommend them to anyone. Great service. Thank you. 

Everyone was wonderful!

SERVPRO has tremendous people on staff. Everyone is friendly and knows exactly what they are doing. I will heartily recommend them to anyone I know who needs their services. 

Very professional, does an extremely good job, has a great work ethic, did a sensational good job. Job was excellent. Thanks. 

Great job. Couldn't have made me feel any better about the situation I'm in. 

Keep the high level of commitment to excellence that permeates all aspects of your services. Highly professional; excellent customer service; handles numerous questions with care. 

Our SERVPRO team did outstanding work! They were all great. 

This crew did a fabulous job. I am truly satisfied. They informed me well. Thank you. 

Everyone was very professional and courteous and helpful in all my needs-- even in my panic mode. I could not have asked for a better experience. 

Worked directly with Bo, Leslie, and Zach and could not be any more please with the professionalism, quality, and result. Great experience.

Was very, very nice!

Not only did SERVPRO call, they followed up, arrived at our house yesterday morning, did a thorough inspection and we told them to go ahead. They returned around noon, brought in an extra 5 guys and left around 4PM. The whole crew, plus their franchise owner plus additional service teams, came in from Alabama. Polite, very hard working, very professional, and thoroughly cleaned up when they left. They removed all wet insulation and sheetrock, then set up fans, used a chemical anti-fungal spray, and put plastic covers over the openings, and took away all large trash bags. They're returning Tuesday afternoon to make sure everything is dry and remove their equipment. If you have not yet found someone to do your restoration, here is the owner's name: Jim Culpepper.

Everyone from SERVPRO provided superb customer service and professionalism. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

They did an excellent job!

The quick response was not expected and it made the stressful situation much more manageable. 

They were great!

Very impressed!

Everyone was professional and very friendly. They were very careful and concerned not to damage anything- which was very important to us. 

We have depended on SERVPRO in the past. Again, we were NOT disappointed. Excellent service and staff response. 

Very kind and helpful!

Everything was awesome- wonderful job! The sofa looks brand new. You will be my first call anytime I need you!

They could not have been sweeter or more professional. They did an awesome job. 

I can't say enough about the great service I received. Everyone was great. 

Extremely polite and prompt. 

Tony and Terrence did an outstanding job on carpet. Very pleased!

They were excellent. I have no recommendations. 

Keep doing what you are doing. Awesome service!

Everything looks great and staff are so nice!

I am with Freeman & Associates and we have contracted to SERVPRO of Phenix City, Eufaula and Tuskegee and SERVPRO of Lee County to help us with pre-existing mold remediation on several of our remodeling projects. They have trained professionals and the necessary equipment to remediate mold. Freeman & Associates would use them on future projects and also recommends SERVPRO to other prospective clients. 

Keep the moral high in your teams- they all are GREAT, great attitudes and professional. I like that they work well together. Ms.Sammy & Ethel- I can't say enough good things about them and their cleaning. 

As an administrator, I could not have asked for a better company than SERVPRO to handle the courthouse project. Sam, Jim and the whole team were professional and kept the Commission well informed throughout the process.  Their work was thorough and timely.

John was amazing, pleasant- perfect in every way possible! SERVPRO is very lucky to have them on their team.  

They're super professional and a great team. I hope this doesn't happen again, but if it does, I will most definitely use them again. I am very satisfied with the service!

I have been practicing Industrial Hygiene for almost 25 years. SERVPRO has been a constant go to for water damage restoration and mold remediation. Their customer service is second to none and the quality of their work is top notch. I will continue to rely on SERVPRO to help solve complex Industrial Hygiene issues.

No recommendations- great service!

I can't imagine anything being done in a better or more professional manner. These folks are the best!

Very professional!

We love SERVPRO! We've been singing their praises to everyone we know!

Everyone has been so nice and polite and I really appreciate that. They have some really good people working there. 

Help was great!

Great people, great work!

Staff was very happy, informative, and nice! They were fast on coming out and gave me a huge peace of mind knowing it's clean. 

Staff was very professional. Thanks!

Very satisfied!

I am very pleased with the service!

Since I arrived at Lee County Schools, SERVPRO has assisted me in every major cleanup or restoration that has occurred. The relationship between the admin staff, Lynn Smith, and I has made it extremely easy to be able to feel comfortable and confident in their ability to make all of our disasters disappear. I started this letter out as a testimonial, but as I reflect on how much they have helped the Lee County Board of Education, it feels more like a much needed Thank You Letter! I humbly say, "thank you" for helping me make the schools of Lee County a place where our students, faculty, staff and community can be proud of. Thank you for restoring our school to it's original condition in such a short period of time. 

Even on a Sunday afternoon, the phone was immediately answered and the team jumped into action. Within about an hour, there were boots on the ground beginning the cleanup process. The amount of equipment they had at their disposal was amazing. The school system administrators who witnessed the damage assumed there was no way that we would be in school in less than a week. We were absolutely astounded to hear from the SERVPRO representatives that we would only lose one day of school. 

Great job-!!

Very good job!

Very nice personnel! 

Carpet looks as good as new! Thanks so much. Great job!

Very nice and helpful! Great job

Very satisfied! Thank you. 

Keep doing what you're doing! Awesome service.

They were efficient and came in like little ants ready to work. They were so tidy and nice looking. They were fabulous and amazing! My dog loved Heath. I was absolutely blown away by the crew who did a 500% job for us. They were just awesome. 

I was very happy with the work!

I was real impressed with the whole process!

I am very pleased and they did a wonderful job. I couldn't have worked with a better company. I loved them all and they were all so nice. 

We're very happy with the work! They did a great job. 

Thanks so much for helping us during this loss!

I was pleased with everything and the work that was completed. 

Keep doing what you are doing: being polite, courteous, and professional. 

I am a property manager for the W.C.Bradley Co. in Columbus, Georgia and we have needed Jim and his SERVPRO team on several emergencies in our buildings due to water issues. They were quick to respond, completed the job and were very professional.

Thanks for the great service!

All of the staff that has helped me were absolutely fabulous. Thank you for hiring such nice and knowledgeable people. 

Did very good, they did a great job! Thank you for serving the Tuskegee area.

Mr.Sam Malloy seemed genuinely concerned for our situation and helped me make the best possible decision with accurate information. He kept me informed every step of the process and corrected the slightest issues promptly.

SERVPRO's team was superb in their work on the various tasks required in our home. We were deeply impressed with their competence, thoughtfulness and thoroughness at a time when we were quite stressed. You can bet that we will keep their number handy.

I was thrilled with your guys. I loved Tony! Your guys are the best. I've been using y'all for years and you are still #1 in my book. These guys deserve a raise!

Great team! Appreciated their help, timeliness, and professionalism.

SERVPRO team was very courteous and explained the jobs in detail; plan on scheduling them back annually.

We are so grateful to the entire SERVPRO team for their professionalism, hard work and desire to help us during a very difficult and emotional time.  Thank you all so very much! 

Great job!

Thank you for your excellent service cleaning my sister's carpet!  Tony and Doc were so kind to her- they even helped her put her shoes on! 

Thank you for coming to the rescue of my basement. I really appreciate your special attention to getting the water out and drying out the basement. Moreover, your calls and visits to check the progress and etc. was "special treatment." Thanks. Say hello to all the family and Happy New Year!

Thank you for your immediate response to our disaster, your professionalism, and outstanding work! We appreciate everything greatly!

They were great, very professional and very polite. They did an awesome job!

They did a good job!

No suggestions- service was great!

All were very polite & helpful. But Mrs.Tammie was GREAT! She went above what normal people would do. Great job by her.

Very nice and helpful! Great job!

Finally, thank you for Sam! What a wonderful "gift" he is. Knowing that he is available and readily willing to accommodate me and our customers is surely comforting. Sam not only represents you well but represents SERVPRO well by depicting professionalism and knowledge... he's a keeper. Again, thank you and your staff for all you do.

I would be amiss not to mention that SERVPRO not only allows the claim process flow smoothly for me but for our ALFA customers as well. It is reassuring to know that when you guys are called upon, whether it's routine or a catastrophe, you are still in the people business. You don't lose sight that the individual or business has incurred more times than none, a traumatic loss.

Everyone was very kind. They did not produce or add to the stress of the situation!

The crew was fantastic!

I was very happy with Martin and his knowledge.

Great Service!

Excellent service- Great team!

I was really happy with the work.

Aptly named, this company provides professional service. They work quickly, efficiently, competently, and carefully. We could not be more pleased or impressed.

All personnel was exceptional, polite and professional. Polite and courteous. I could not have asked for a better outcome from an unexpected event at my home. Thank you all so much. There were a number of men who worked on a quick solution to my damage. All were exceptional. I would especially like to thank Alex, Chris and Bo. I apologize that I did not get everybody's name but they were all great.

Thanks to you and your company for the rapid response and efficient work.